We are a data consulting service that focuses on the human side of technology. We collaborate closely with our clients to help them transform into data driven organizations.

People before Technology

Culture eats strategies for breakfast

Technology could only go so far in solving an organization's business problem, if we didn't pay attention to the humans using it. PairData focuses on partnering with clients to bridge the gap between business and technology for every problem/solution fit, from workflow to processes, practices to disciplines, strategies to culture. We believe cultivating a healthy data driven culture allows our clients to gain insights faster and lower the total cost of ownership on technology.


Pair for Partnership

Teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime

We Are One Team
A consulting service that delivers in a partnership setting.

Problem First - Lower the Risk
By focusing on the problem rather than jumping to a solution prematurely, we help clients lower the risk of implementing solutions that do not solve the problem, and increase the overall ROI.

Lean & Agile - Less Upfront Cost
The Lean framework allows us to systematically improve how data delivers its value. We also deliver early and iterate continuously on software solutions that are adaptive to the fast changing business requirements.

Our Services

We offer end-to-end data solutions from developing datawarehouse solutions to coaching data storytelling


Through interviews and observations, we learn first hand about our client's pain points. We run faciliated interactive sessions with stakeholders to identify and prioritize problems we solve.


We develop the end-to-end infrastructure required for data collection, processing, storage, and analytics. Keeping Master Data Management close to our design process, we build solutions that teams can easily maintain and use.


Each dashboard is a product telling a story in its own. Hence we pair our data visualization experts with our clients and use a iterative product development approach to build out dashboards that provide actionable insight.


Armed with learnings from Discovery and feedback for the dashboards, we work closely with client's management teams to refactor business practices and processes to ensure we obtain high data quality sustainably.

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